JAX-WS RI extension of JAX-WS API.


Interface Summary
PropertySet.Accessor Represents a typed property defined on a PropertySet.
WSBinding JAX-WS implementation of Binding.
WSFeatureList Read-only list of WebServiceFeatures.

Class Summary
BindingID Parsed binding ID string.
BindingIDFactory Extension point to plug in additional BindingID parsing logic.
DistributedPropertySet PropertySet that combines properties exposed from multiple PropertySets into one.
EndpointAddress Represents the endpoint address URI.
PropertySet A set of "properties" that can be accessed via strongly-typed fields as well as reflexibly through the property name.
PropertySet.PropertyMap Represents the list of strongly-typed known propertyies (keyed by property names.)
ResourceLoader Used to locate resources for jax-ws extensions.
WSService JAX-WS implementation of ServiceDelegate.
WSService.InitParams Typed parameter bag used by WSService.create(URL, QName, InitParams)

Enum Summary
SOAPVersion Version of SOAP (1.1 and 1.2).

Annotation Types Summary
FeatureConstructor This annotation should be used on a constructor of classes extending WebServiceFeature other than Spec defined features, to help JAX-WS runtime recognize feature extensions.
PropertySet.Property Marks a field on PropertySet as a property of MessageContext.

Package Description

JAX-WS RI extension of JAX-WS API.

This package hosts classes/interfaces that directly extend the JAX-WS API. Sometimes objects of these types are passed to external components from higher layers, only to be passed back into other parts of the JAX-WS RI. By defining these types, we improve the type-safety in this scenario, while isolating the actual implementation classes.

Sometimes these types also define additional methods.

Types defined in package can only be implemented by the JAX-WS RI. The code internal to the JAX-WS RI may safely case instances of these types to their implementation classes. This warning doesn't apply to subpackages.