Class StAXSource

  extended by javax.xml.transform.sax.SAXSource
      extended by
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public class StAXSource
extends SAXSource

A JAXP Source implementation that wraps the specified XMLStreamReader or XMLEventReader for use by applications that expext a Source.

The fact that StAXSource derives from SAXSource is an implementation detail. Thus in general applications are strongly discouraged from accessing methods defined on SAXSource. In particular:


    // create a StAXSource
    XMLStreamReader reader = XMLInputFactory.newInstance().createXMLStreamReader(new FileReader(args[0]));
    Source staxSource = new StAXSource(reader);

    // createa StreamResult
    Result streamResult = new StreamResult(System.out);

    // run the transform
    TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTransformer().transform(staxSource, streamResult);

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
StAXSource( reader, boolean eagerQuit)
          Creates a new Source for the given XMLStreamReader.
StAXSource( reader, boolean eagerQuit, String[] inscope)
          Creates a new Source for the given XMLStreamReader.
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Constructor Detail


public StAXSource( reader,
                  boolean eagerQuit)
Creates a new Source for the given XMLStreamReader.

See Also:
StAXSource(XMLStreamReader, boolean, String[])


public StAXSource( reader,
                  boolean eagerQuit,
                  String[] inscope)
Creates a new Source for the given XMLStreamReader. The XMLStreamReader must be pointing at either a XMLStreamConstants.START_DOCUMENT or XMLStreamConstants.START_ELEMENT event.

reader - XMLStreamReader that will be exposed as a Source
IllegalArgumentException - iff the reader is null
IllegalStateException - iff the reader is not pointing at either a START_DOCUMENT or START_ELEMENT event