Interface Summary
ErrorHandler listen to static errors found during building a the WSDL Model.
WSDLConstants Interface defining WSDL-related constants.

Class Summary
DelegatingParserExtension Delegate to another WSDLParserExtension useful for the base class for filtering.
EntityResolverWrapper Wraps EntityResolver into XMLEntityResolver.
FoolProofParserExtension WSDLParserExtension filter that checks if another WSDLParserExtension is following the contract.
MemberSubmissionAddressingWSDLParserExtension Member Submission WS-Addressing Runtime WSDL parser extension
MexEntityResolver Entity resolver that works on MEX Metadata
ParserUtil TODO: made public just for now
RuntimeWSDLParser Parses WSDL and builds WSDLModel.
W3CAddressingMetadataWSDLParserExtension W3C WS-Addressing Runtime WSDL parser extension that parses WS-Addressing Metadata wsdl extensibility elements This mainly reads wsam:Action element on input/output/fault messages in wsdl.
W3CAddressingWSDLParserExtension W3C WS-Addressing Runtime WSDL parser extension
WSDLParserExtensionContextImpl Provides implementation of WSDLParserExtensionContext
WSDLParserExtensionFacade WSDLParserExtension that delegates to multiple WSDLParserExtensions.

Exception Summary
InaccessibleWSDLException A list of InaccessibleWSDLException wrapped in one exception.