Interface Provider<T>

public interface Provider<T>

Service endpoints may implement the Provider interface as a dynamic alternative to an SEI. Implementations are required to support Provider<Source> and Provider<SOAPMessage>. The ServiceMode annotation can be used to control whether the Provider instance will receive entire protocol messages or just message payloads.

JAX-WS 2.0
See Also:
Source, SOAPMessage, ServiceMode

Method Summary
 T invoke(T request)
          Invokes an operation occording to the contents of the request message.

Method Detail


T invoke(T request)
Invokes an operation occording to the contents of the request message.

request - The request message or message payload.
The response message or message payload. May be null if there is no response.
WebServiceException - if there is an error processing request. The cause of the WebServiceException may be set to a subclass of ProtocolException to control the protocol level representation of the exception.
See Also:
MessageContext, ProtocolException

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